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Until one day during a practice session with her best friend, Alana Blanchard, something tragic occurred. A young orphan, traumatized by the tsunami, refused to go in the ocean. For this, Bethany looked for guidance through God.

I felt very inspired by Bethany Hamilton. She took a trip to Thailand with her church youth group through World Vision in efforts to help the tsunami victims. Instead of how this book was laid out, I personally would have told it like a story starting from the beginning, and going until my first victorious surf competition after the attack.

Alana, and her father and brother rushed Bethany to the hospital, in fear that she might die. Dec 10, Maya rated it did not like it Imagine you doing your favorite thing in the world, whatever it may be: He had to cut off his right arm with a dulled pocket knife to escape after hours of seclusion in a dark hole.

But another motivational story that I could compare it to would be Hours. Lots of determination and courage was shown throughout both stories. He was climbing down a crevice, and a large rock fell and trapped his arm in between the rock walls. Perfect day to surf.

Now imagine that one outlet of creativity and expression being stripped away from you, with nothing you could do to help it. They were paddling, waiting for the perfect wave to hit, dangling their arms casually into the water.

Instead of telling about her story, it told about different aspects of her life: Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. After the descriptive and story-like introduction, the book got kind of weird.

All she cared about was surfing.

Soul Surfer

The book was told from a first person point of view. Bethany believed that God did everything for a reason, and that this injury was for the better. This was the right point of view to tell such a story that involved so many hidden emotions. I was touched by her story, and how she overcame her obstacles with the help of God.

What she endured, and overcame, was of epic proportions. More essays like this:Soul Surfer is an autobiography, in the book, you get to read about Bethany's life before, during, and after her tragic attack. Bethany loved to surf and was a competitive surfer, so one day she went surfing with her friend and some others and while they were waiting /5.

Transcript of Soul Surfer Non Fiction Book Report. PRO SURFER + AUTHOR OF SOUL SURFER What Do I Still Want To Know About Soul Surfer?

I can't think of anything I still want to know about this book. She covered everything such as perseverance, overcoming your fears, faith, gratitude, and confidence!

Messages and Significant Themes I Learned. Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives In this book she goes behind the scenes of her movie "Soul Surfer".

At the end of the book she keeps a journal of the whole movie experience.

Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board

From picking out the actors to the day the movie was /5(). Book reports are popular assignments in school. Get the details on what these assignments entail and how to write a great book report. I think this is an excellent book and if you want to read a book that is inspiring but not sappy, Soul Surfer could just be the book for you.

Report Abuse Print Image Credit: mi-centre.com Soul Surfer Book Report Essay Sample. 1. Soul Surfer takes place in Kauai, Hawaii. In the story, the main character-Bethany Hamilton- is an extremely talented surfer.

Write a book report soul surfer
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