Thesis on job satisfaction of school teachers

The data were statistically analysed using the Statistical package for the Social Sciences SPSS computer software programme, and the results were appropriately interpreted.

Finally, recommendations were made in order to enhance the job satisfaction of secondary school teachers in Addis Ababa, and for further research. In the second, namely the qualitative phase, interviews were conducted with a sample of 10 teachers who were purposefully selected from a larger sample.

A literature review of theories on job satisfaction was undertaken. Qualitative data confirmed the quantitative results.

The results indicated that the teachers were significantly dissatisfied with most aspects of their work.

Job satisfaction of secondary school teachers in Ethiopia

In addition, all four of the identified factors were found to have statistically significant correlations with job satisfaction. The data were analysed by using the constant comparative method.

The data also indicated that teachers who were 50 years and older, were significantly more satisfied with their work than the younger teachers. The aim of this research was to investigate factors that influence the job satisfaction of these teachers.

In the quantitative phase, the data collection was done by means of a self-constructed structured questionnaire that focused on four work factors that were identified during the literature review, namely salary and benefits, management, work characteristics, and interpersonal relationships.

In the empirical investigation, a mixed-methods sequential explanatory design was used. Much research has been done on the job satisfaction of secondary school teachers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The results make a significant contribution to new knowledge and understanding of current issues relating to the job satisfaction of teachers in selected secondary schools in Addis Ababa.

Salary and benefits emerged as the primary dissatisfying aspect of all the work factors. Accordingly, teachers with 21 years and more experience were also significantly more satisfied with their work than the less experienced teachers. Other areas of dissatisfaction related to poor fringe benefits and opportunities for promotion, the management style of the principals, the lack of decision-making opportunities for the teachers, as well as the opportunity to develop personally, and the poor relationships teachers have with the principals and the parents.

The stratified, random sample consisted of secondary school teachers in Addis Ababa.The results revealed that teachers‟ job satisfaction did not differ significantly in relation to marital status Table Job Satisfaction in Relation to School Type Variable Job Characteristics School Type Gov However Partial Eta Squired 0.

a stepwise regression method was used and Intention to Remain was considered as a dependent. school effectiveness.” This implies that teacher job satisfaction is an important phenomenon for secondary school teachers, their employers and students at large.

The phenomenon of teacher job satisfaction has been widely studied for over six decades in the developed countries and thousands of articles have been published.5/5(1). SANDY CHAMBERS: Job Satisfaction Among Elementary School Teachers (Under the direction of Frank Brown) This study examined teacher job satisfaction as influenced by school factors.

One hundred and twenty-four elementary teachers, from one large urban school district in North Carolina, rated their level of job satisfaction. The objective of the study is to examine the relationship between communication satisfaction and job satisfaction among the primary school teachers in Malaysia by look into the seven dimensions of Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire (CSQ).

Teachers Job Satisfaction and Motivation for School Effectiveness: An Assessment Nwachukwu Prince Ololube University of Helsinki Finland.

A Study of Job Satisfaction among Teachers

Job Satisfaction Thesis on School Teachers. Job satisfaction questionnarie.

Teacher Motivation. Findings are limited by the use of self-report instruments to measure respondents’ levels of job. Job Satisfaction Among America’s Teachers: Effects of Workplace Conditions, Background Characteristics, and Teacher Compensation Table 2 Percent distribution of public school teachers across levels of satisfaction, by school level and selected school and classroom.

Thesis on job satisfaction of school teachers
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