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He is also depicted as being insecure about his lower-class background and desires to prove himself an equal aviator and man to the aristocrats by earning the Blue Max. Director John Guillermin, thus far best known for Tarzan movies, was determined to make the most of his big break.

In both the novel and the film, Elfi is a nurse stationed in Berlin. Cork to Waterford City. She asks Stachel to come with her, but he coldly informs her that he has no intention of running away to become one of her well-kept lap dogs. But the remaining fighter is soon on his tail.

Willi takes The blue max movie analysis bait and declares that the Countess, like the vintage champagne, is a trophy that will prove hard to get. Piggott was the only pilot willing to fly beneath the spans of a bridge.

It is a death trap. Obsessed with earning the last of the new Fokker D. The German lozenge camouflage was not universal to all units at the time the story takes place Springbut, in the film, aircraft of all German units are shown in this scheme.

Upon their arrival, they encounter a city of long food lines and riots.

Synopsis The year isthe third bloody year of the Great War. I triplane replicas had about four feet 1. Willi is described as a "fat aristocrat" in the book who has only one victory more than Stachel.

How can any film buff, or aviation buff, think otherwise? In the novel, he is an Unteroffizier and thoroughly distasteful character, whom Stachel describes as "a pig of a man".

The film differs from the book on which it is based both in the plot and the portrayal of the characters. The blue max movie analysis the role of both German pilots and with multiple takes from contrasting camera angles, he ended up flying 15 times under the wide span of the Carrickabrack Railway Viaduct in FermoyCounty CorkIreland, and 17 times under the narrower span.

A burst of gunfire wounds Stachel in the arm and knocks out his engine. Pilots from the Irish Air Corps helped recreate the live dog-fight scenes, supported by number of civilians, including Charles Boddington and Derek Piggott.

In the novel, Heidemann does not accuse Stachel of brutality in the shooting down of the British aircraft over their airfield. PPS took the prize with its Gipsy Pfalz. Germany is in disarray.

The Carrickabrack Viaduct in Fermoy, Co. The score was once again released, this time complete and in correct film order with accurate track listings, by speciality-label Intrada in Is used for the scene. Stunt flier Lynn Garrison, a colorful ex—Royal Canadian Air Force pilot, airshow promoter and aircraft collector, helped assemble the fleet.

Stachel crash lands in a field and jumps from his burning plane shortly before it explodes. Instead the crew mounted a small camera on one of the triplanes to get over-the-shoulder footage. In the movie, Willi is accidentally killed in an aerial competition with Stachel over who is the better pilot.

I was very aware of the fact that the little triplane could not climb over the bridge at the last moment. Stachel is so drunk, he cannot even recall the engagement.

He is also honoured for saving the life of a French girl who falls into a river.The Blue Max is a British color motion picture filmed in Ireland. The story is about a very handsome young German who has spent two years as an enlisted soldier in the infantry at the Western Front in World War I.

makes a cameo as the legendary Red Baron (what's a WWI aerial movie without the Red Baron?). They don't make 'em like /5(). The Blue Max is a British color motion picture filmed in Ireland. The story is about a very handsome young German who has spent two years as an enlisted soldier in the infantry at the Western Front in World War I/5().

Sep 09,  · The "Blue Max", a coveted medal for achievement in flying, is ruthlessly sought by Bruno Stabel (George Peppard), a poor-boy German soldier who climbs out.

Based on a novel by Jack D. Hunter, The Blue Max is a World War I aviation drama, told from the German point of view. Low-born infantryman George Peppard becomes a pilot, almost deliberately Director: John Guillermin. The Blue Max () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

The crew of The Blue Max not only built and flew their own air forces, they earned $5 million (about $37 million today) at the box office doing it. TV Guide said the film “impressively captures the reality of war in the trenches and in the air.”.

The blue max movie analysis
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