Put me in the zoo writing activities

When the music stops, each child needs to find an spot to stand on. Spot Button Jar For older children. You can show some pictures or non-fiction books about zoos to stimulate prior knowledge. Then glue the Fruit Loops in rows according to color. Musical Spots Cut out large spot shapes from colored paper.

Lion and the Rat Puzzle Game: L, M, N, R Game: Ideas to make spots children can: Have students contribute answers to a classroom story map. Spot Numbers Write the numbers one through six on small post it notes and place in the bottom of a big muffin tin.

This lesson includes printable activities: Tell the students that just like we can pretend to move or sound like an animal, we can pretend to feel what an animal or character may feel.

Ask your students to brainstorm what they know about zoos and zoo animals. The Lion and the Rat Story: Have the children put one spot button or Fruit Loop in the one hole, two in the two and so on. As you read, stop and ask questions to encourage understanding.

Pair students together who speak the same home language L1 to share their connection to the lesson theme. The distance from the basket to the line should vary with abilities.

Advanced students could be asked to question other students when retelling the story. Ask the students questions like: Write the total number of Fruit Loops in the hand shape. Guided Lessons are digital games and exercises that keep track of your progress and help you study smarter, step by step.

Have the children grab a handful of Fruit Loops and count them. Have a few students choose an animal figure and lead the group in moving or making the sound that the animal makes. Spot Hop Cut out large spot shapes from colored paper.Day Activities All About Me Alligators/Crocodiles Apples Around the World Art Baker Baseball Bats Bears Benny's Pennies Bible Birds Birthday Bones Books with Activities Put Me in the Zoo.

Felt Board for Put Me in the Zoo Magnet Page for Put Me in the Zoo Coloring Page for Put Me in the Zoo. These cross-curricular activities for Put Me in the Zoo incorporate key skills for college and career readiness.

The activities integrate literature with social studies, science, math, and more.

Put Me in the Zoo

Included activity pages engage and challenge students. Use these vocabulary cards with the EL Support Lesson: Put Me in the Zoo. Find this Pin and more on Put Me In The Zoo activities by Donna Gregory.

Vocabulary Cards: Put Me in the Zoo

Fun Learning Printables for Kids-emergent reader Day Activities Apples Bake put me in the zoo book to read and color. Help me pay off my city taxes this year and purchase your copy of Put Me in the Zoo from mi-centre.com Try these pages: Zoo Animals Blue Colors Green Orange Red Purple Preschool Art Ideas Note: buttons are used in some of these activities.

Put Me in the Zoo Studying the Story Elements. Grade: K ISBN: ; Price: $ Students will enjoy studying the story elements of Put Me in the Zoo through these engaging activities, students create products to share their understanding of the characters, plots, and settings of the book.

Put me in the zoo writing activities
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