Psychology honors thesis unc

Please read the information below to determine program requirements and assess whether our Honors program is a good fit for you. Public Policy Internship Grant aims to support internship opportunities for public policy majors and to defer some of the costs associated with engaging in unpaid summer internships.

Student gain a greater skill set and depth of understanding of the discipline while working in close contact with committed faculty. The data collection phase of your work can easily consume a full semester, as can Psychology honors thesis unc data analysis and writing phases.

At the conclusion of the exam, the Committee will ask you to leave the room while they discuss your performance. If using the human subjects pool, complete the necessary paperwork.

Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply. Getting the necessary background so that you can generate your own ideas will take a semester or longer. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Although course offerings and academic requirements at UNC Charlotte are continually under examination and revision, the Undergraduate Catalog is updated only once per year.

Keep your eyes open for these sessions and attend if you can. After your supervisory committee has approved your research plans, fill out the Thesis Prospectus form.

The honors thesis offers an opportunity for motivated students to move beyond traditional coursework and apply critical thinking skills to an academic public policy thesis. December of graduation year: Arrangements should be made with your supervising professor.

The research may involve true experiments, correlational analyses, or data description quantitative or qualitativeor any combination of these approaches. Write and revise your thesis based on comments from your supervisory committee.

Senior Honors Thesis

Undergraduate Research Most courses in public policy include a research component. Completion of an honors thesis provides a total of six credit hours toward the major, including three credits toward a policy field concentration. January before graduation year: Good luck with your work, and if you have any questions about the process, please consult with an advisor in the Psychology Advising Office.

Research Methods and Data Analysis to learn about research methods, so take that course as soon as you can, and follow up by taking Psych The thesis should also contain detailed methods and results sections, and a discussion of your results.

Undergraduate Catalog | 2016-2017

If you find a general research topic interesting, you will probably find yourself asking a variety of questions about the topic and about the data that you are collecting and analyzing. Make final preparations for gathering data.

Public Policy Major, B.A.

Following the examination the committee members will need to fill out and Thesis Evaluation form that is included with the Thesis Prospectus Form. The Committee will then tell you their decision which is generally positive!

The PPMU has since expanded its role to include representation of policy majors within the University community and sponsorship of policy-related events.

This program is organized as an original, independent research project under the direction of a faculty advisor. In general, a student who writes a thesis for graduation with distinction from the College can use the same thesis for the Honors program.

It differs from an independent study in being your original work, designed, developed and conducted by you, with advice and guidance from your faculty supervisor.Completion of the Honors Program results in a student receiving a B.A.

degree with Honors in Psychology. The primary focus of the Honors Program is the completion of a senior honors thesis. This thesis reports the results of an empirical research project conducted in collaboration with a faculty member. Students are encouraged to conduct original, empirical research and to submit their work, whenever appropriate, as honors theses.


A thesis may qualify a student for graduation with distinction from the College of Arts and Sciences. Refer to the College of Arts and Sciences website for the GPA and other requirements for graduation with distinction. Look at honors theses from the past.

The North Carolina Collection in Wilson Library holds UNC honors theses. To get a sense of the typical scope of a thesis, take a look at a sampling from your field. What makes a good topic? It’s fascinating – Above all, choose something that grips your imagination.

If you don’t, the chances are good that you’ll.

Honors Thesis

HONORS IN PSYCHOLOGY. The honors program in psychology involves a two-semester thesis project that is designed to be similar to a master's thesis. During the first semester, the student does a literature search of existing research on his or her topic, and uses that material as the basis for a Research Proposal.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Spring A thesis presented to the faculty of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Psychology Committee Chair: Beth Kurtz-Costes, Ph.

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D. Committee Member: Keith Payne, Ph. D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Psychology Honors Thesis!2 MENTAL CONTAMINATION Abstract Mental contamination (MC) refers to the experience of physical dirtiness without contact with a physical contaminant.

Despite its importance as a psychological construct, little is known about.

Psychology honors thesis unc
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