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This unit will explore these types of questions. Study Guides and Review Exercises Note: Some of us may grow up in a political void and feel alienated, while others try to use the government to promote racist and hate-filled agendas; when their voices are rejected, or even "silenced," they feel disenfranchised and resort to violence.

Differences, similarities, divisions 1. Their competition tends to divide the society.

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In the instances above, Carlos and Smith were similar in one way and thus different from Norman who was white. A confident and solid grasp of the principles presented in this unit is therefore crucial to your progression through the remainder of the course. In our country, Dalits tend to be poor and Political science notes.

Every social difference does not lead to social divisions. If you were from the Sudan, which would you chose: In this chapter, we will study how democracy responds to socials difference, divisions, and inequalities. You will find, for example, that each of the five subsequent units will conclude with a discussion of how the principles you have learned and the issues you have identified apply to a contemporary, real-life situation.

First of all, outcome depends Political science notes how people perceive their identities. We will see that global governance has its roots both in the economic interests of states and a general aversion to war.

It gives way to social diversity which is different from society to society. They often face discrimination and injustice. Completing this unit should take you approximately 30 hours. In many countries, there are parties that focus only on one community.

Under cross cutting differences, people share common interest on one issue but are likely to be on different side on another issue. If they start competing in terms of some existing social divisions it can make social division into political divisions and lead to conflict, violence or even disintegration of a country.

These are the Political Science-Democracy and Diversity class 10 Notes prepared by team of expert teachers. Overlapping social differences between Blacks and Whites became a social division in the United States.

Completing this unit should take you approximately 25 hours. Range of outcomes 1. We all have more than one identity and can belong to more than one social group. Social Differences are based on two main factors: Expression of various kinds of social divisions in politics often results in their canceling one another out and thus reducing their intensity.

Politics of social divisions 1. When one social difference overlaps another difference, it is known as overlapping social difference. The social differences are mostly based on accident of birth. Cross — cutting social differences are easier to accommodate. Some of the differences are based on our choices.

Cross-cutting social differences are easier to accommodate. Thus the assertion of social diversities in a country need not be seen as a source of danger. In democracy political parties would talk about these divisions, they make different promises to different communities, look after due representation of various communities.

Carlos wore a string of beads to commemorate Black People, who had been killed. Such example leads some people to conclude that politics and social divisions must not be allowed to mix. European powers used their colonies both to extract raw materials for the industrial revolution in Europe and the United States and to export excess segments of their own populations.

The vocabulary lists include 1 some terms that might help you answer some of the review items and 2 some terms you should be familiar with to be successful in completing the final exam for the course.

Social divisions affect voting in most countries. We are all born into a political culture, and our political socialization begins as young as age 3, when we first learn our attitudes toward police officers: People around us, have different physical abilities or disabilities.

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Their medals were taken back. On the basis of accident of Birth 2.MA Political science Notes in Urdu Part One. Home» Subject» Political Science» Notes Free Political Science Here are some help tools for tackling Sociology in the UPSC exams. Chapter Notes - Democracy & Diversity, Political Science,Class 10 | EduRev.

Chapter Notes - Democracy & Diversity, Political Science,Class 10 | EduRev Political Science, Short Notes - Democracy & Diversity, Class 10, Summary, mock tests for examination, Sample Paper, Semester Notes. Download this Political Science E class note to get exam ready in less time!

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