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Afghanistan clearly backed India on the Kashmir issue and the Canal water dispute. The diversity, the fact that there different kinds of people living in India and the fact that the Muslims consider themselves to be a separate entity, all these things had to be taken into account because the India was not a homogenous amalgamated or monolithic political identity.

After the end of the Afghan Miracle Pakistan was again seen as an un trusted ally and the aid to Pakistan was suspended even before the complete withdrawal of the Russian Forces. The Agartala Conspiracy was blamed on India as it was an attempt to create a situation in East Pakistan.

The relations of both the countries deteriorated sharply when India blamed Pakistan to help the Sikh Separatist Movement in Pakistan studies complete notes Indian Punjab. The division of financial and military assets. Self government under the British Crown keeping in view the peculiar conditions in India.

Protection and promotion of political rights and interests of the Muslims. Meeting of both parties held at Lucknow in Muslims and Hindus participated in the War of Independence but the British held only Muslims responsible for the rebellion.

The relations hit the lowest ebb when Pakistan decided to become the front line state in the war against communism.

Fostering sense of loyalty, among the Muslims, towards the government Change in the Goals of the Muslim League Important developments occurred during the first decade of the 20th century like annulment of the Partition of Bengal and Western aggression towards Muslim countries, Balkan wars, Libya-Italy war, Demolition of the mosque in Kawnpuretc.

USSR attacked Afghanistan on December 2 and Pakistan subsequently decided to become the front line state in war against communism. When Zia tried to attend the funeral ceremony of the Russian president Andropov in but he was not entertained.

In the Karachi session Dec. It was a political identity comprising diversity, divergence in view, divergence in outlook and when you introduce some kind of system then these realities had to be accommodated.

The first break came when India and China went on war on the borders disputes and Pakistan and China came closer. The main reason of Hindu protest was that they had loosened grip over the eastern parts.

The fighting lasted about a month till the Pakistani forces were driven out of the areas that had been secretly occupied by them.

The Muslim leaders desired to create a permanent political forum. Afghanistan claimed that some areas of the present day Pakistan had actually been a part of the Greater Afghanistan Pakhtoonistan They claimed this because they believed that these were the areas which were captured by the Afghan invaders like Mahmood Ghaznavi and Mohammad Ghauri.Pakistan Studies CHAPTERS: Role of Allama Iqbal in The Creation of Pakistan urdu mai pak studies k notes issue krien.

Reply Delete. Anonymous 22 September at lucknow pact describe in english. Reply Delete. Anonymous 1 November at View my complete profile. Pakistan Studies Question Answer Formate by Hafiz Ashfaq Ahmed. Sep 27,  · Dear Fellows here are the complete Notes of Pakistan Affairs as delivered by Prof.

Dr. Hassan Askari on Virtual University, as i have posted earlier. Pakistan Studies Notes. Click on your required topic: Ideology of Pakistan. Ideology of Pakistan in the light of statements of quaid-i-azam and allama iqbal. i want to ask i have not given o levels maths and pak studies paper but other 6 Mushtaq Ahmed Ansari: hello, i have done double masters in Finance.

may i help anyone to related of A.

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Class 10 Pakistan Studies notes according to FBISE syllabus. Contains solved exercises, MCQs, important board questions and chapter overview.

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Pakistan studies complete notes
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