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Three of these modules are assessed primarily by examination, and, historically, all three have tended to have a significant number of students who fail at first attempt and are then awarded a resit.

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You have nothing to lose by applying right? The university had to satisfy themselves that my OBU degree was valid in terms of the exemption. Non-completion of university is clearly a complex issue McLaughlin and Sutton,but the link between poor performance in the first year and students withdrawing feeling academically inadequate is well established see for example Benn, Finally, Oxford brookes resit coursework old system had only allowed a student to take a maximum of one resit, whereas the new system placed no limit on the number of resits.

From past experience we anticipated that there would be a significant number of students awarded resits. November 12, at 8: My concern is that i was notified OBU does not provide additional transcripts beside the one i was given with the certificate to credential evaluation services which is a condition to obtain a degree equivalency and to submit an application for any graduate program in most countries including mine.

And so with failing students. In addition, students were specifically told what they had done wrong individually in their examinations and how they could improve.

This is why we decided to wade upstream and explore whether simple interventions to support students offered resits would improve resit pass rates on specific modules. All three modules must be passed by students wishing to become solicitors or barristers.

I attached a couple of the docs from http: So even with the longer than average degree period — they still considered it satisfactory. Ultimately I was accepted and btw — I it had taken me 8 years or something from starting ACCA to completing the degree I had a big gap in the middle due to the financial crisis.

The impact of guidance for students resitting basic Stage 1 modules Four basic law modules are assessed in Semester 2.

I would like to know if anyone of you knows anything with regards to obu transcripts, credentials evaluation and i would like to have anyone currently enrolled in a graduate program except obu master and Acca global Mba to share his experience with the matter… November 11, at 1: All students who were awarded a resit in Contract Law were emailed on the day the exam results were announced with guidance on the paper they had failed.

We therefore concluded that comparing the results with those achieved in previous years, whilst interesting, would not be a comparison of like with like.

The guidance was in two parts: Students were alerted to this email on their Personal Information Portal PIP as this is how students access their results. For the project we decided to continue with existing practice for most law modules but to select representative modules from both Stage 1 first year and Stage 2 second and third years in which we would offer additional support.

I got my OBU certificate by mail on 20th Dec Accordingly we decided to offer greater support in just one of these three modules Contract Law so that we could compare the performance of resit students in that module with the performance of resit students in the other two modules Constitutional Law and Tort in which the previous level of support would be maintained.

A10 Failure and Reassessment

However, simply comparing the resit results in with those in did not seem a very sensible approach. Very few did — perhaps because students who had failed did not want to engage in the potentially embarrassing ordeal of going through a poor paper with their tutor, however supportive that tutor might intend to be.

Inexcluding medical resits, 59 students were awarded resits in Contract Law, 39 students in Constitutional Law and 66 students in Tort. Whether this improved performance was the result of semesterisation or some other cause will possibly become clearer in future years.Transcript of Oxford Brookes non-UMP Marksheet Guide.

Downloading a Marksheet non-UMP Marksheet Guide Grading Scheme Before you begin, make sure that you know the grading scheme for your course. Student must resit both the exam and the coursework DC Resit Cwk Student must resit the coursework DE Resit Exam.

English Language Requirements for Oxford Brookes University To meet the university’s English language requirements you will need to have one of the following acceptable English language qualifications, unless you are from an English speaking country.

Where course regulations permit, the Examination Committee may alternatively determine that the candidate has achieved the level required for a lower award or permit reassessment for a lower award.

Oxford Brookes University Headington Campus Oxford OX3 0BP UK +44 (0) Back from the Brink: A Lifeline for Resit Students? (University of the West of England, Bristol) and Kate Williams (Oxford Brookes University) Introduction. It’s the classic image – the guy on the riverbank, leaping into the current to drag drowning people to safety, while wishing he had time to wade upstream and see why these people.

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