Organisation structure of nokia company

The director would likely report to the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, and both managers would report to the director. For example, a small consumer products food company may be large enough to place a marketing research manager and analyst in each of six different regions.

Conclusion The Nokia is really working hard in connecting its people. Types of organizational structure in management can include flat structures as well as functional, product and geographical-structured organizations.

Nokia being a renowned mobile devices manufacturing company and holding a prominent market position was affected due to major technologies adopted by its competitors in the mobile communication industry. With this decision, there were waves of resignation by the top leaders like Chairman, vice president, CTO Culcmsralte, The only change these employees faced was that the teams to which they belonged were reconfigured.

Product organizational structures are primarily used by retail companies that have stores in various cities. This programme began with a team comprising of Maximilian Kammerer and Ian Gee and two other designers, whose aim was to boost the awareness and skills of each Nokia employee by motivating the regional teams to work efficiently and effectively across various functions.

At this point the online social committee created came into the picture. For example, in manufacturing, the SBA usually considers a company with or fewer employees a small business. Product Organzational Structure A product organizational structure has managers reporting to the president or head of the company by product type.

For example, a small department store company may have a vice president of sporting goods, housewares and general Organisation structure of nokia company at the corporate office. One advantage of using a flat organizational structure for management is that decisions can be made relatively quickly.

For example, unlike the product organizational structure, there may be a local marketing, finance, accounting and research development person based in each region.

In the past recent years Nokia has lost its market throne to its competitors Samsung and Apple, because Nokia failed in adopting latest mobile technologies, because of which the company struggled to regain its profit and revive its market top position again.

The Booster Programme was introduced looking at the ever changing customer aspirations and development of latest technologies among the competitors. In case if employees are still not ready for change then forcefully they have to make accept the change by threatening them to loss of their jobs ADKAR, A change in the organisation cannot be achieved by bringing changes in the group, teams or company.

Thus the combination of traditional workshop and latest online community proved to be a success where employees joined the booster programme and made the communication and interaction among the employees, community members and senior managers a easy task.

The aim of this project is to discuss how the Nokia undergone major strategic changes to regain its market position. Functional Organizational Structure A functional organizational structure is centered on job functions, such as marketing, research and development, and finance.

The Journal of Applied Behavioural Science, vol. Leading in a changing world. It could have educated the staff about the change and explained them why it is important and how they will be benefitted.

The Booster Programme came up as a daunting organisational Change programme for Nokia. Some of our popular services include corporate finance assignment helpMATLAB assignment helpdatabase assignment helpoperating system assignment help and web development assignment help.

Geographical Organizational Structure The Small Business Administration is responsible for defining small businesses in different industries.

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They also argues that Nokia Lumia phone is not capable of adapting different hardware. They have creative mindsets and when the ideas get insufficient then comes the entry of brainstorming sessions. This reconfiguration of teams was done with a mindset of skilfully and rapidly reconfiguring its human resources so as to meet the ever changing customer needs and demands v, Resistance When the company announced for manufacturing windows based phone- Lumia, thousands of employees protested as they were shocked that they might lose their jobs.

Small companies should use a functional organization when they want to arrange their organizational structure by department. For example, a small company may have a director, two managers and two analysts in the marketing department.

This intranet site helped the senior managers and change leaders to easily conversate and exchange ideas with the experts and community members.

Nokia's Organizational Structure

The Secrets of Successful Behaviour. Flat organizations work best when a company has less than 20 employees, especially if the company employs one or two employees per department.

The flat organizational lacks the typical bureaucracy of taller organizational structures with many levels of management. We will send you answer file on this email address Email: Change Management Learning Center.

In the Booster Programme, the company restructured its nine business units into four business units. Flat Organizational Structure Many small companies use a flat organizational structure, where very few levels of management separate executives from analysts, secretaries and lower-level employees.Organizational Structure at Nokia As of October 1, the organizational structure at Nokia was extremely mobile and flexible.

Figure 1 & Fair Use Policy; The case of Nokia is no different the company has successfully established itself as one of the most reliable and advanced manufacturer of mobile devices.

Steadily over the years. NOKIA is the leading mobile company all over the world which started their operation in the early s. The Organisation culture of Nokia Mobile. Print Customer satisfaction means how satisfaction is the customer with the effort of organisation in the marketplace.

NOKIA has their dedicated sales and marketing personnel’s with. Organizational Structure Nokia - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Search Search. The last aim was to transform the whole business units from line based structure to an organisation where all the competencies can be pooled through a pragmatic or a project structure.

Nokia was very ambitious for this program and thus it ensured to cover all the employees and encourage the concept of cross-functional and cross /5(14K).

Types of Organizational Structure in Management

Nokia announces changes in its organization and Group Leadership Team to accelerate the execution of company strategy Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced changes in its organizational structure and Group Leadership Team (GLT), effective from April 1, Nokia's new organizational structure places the company in a forward moving competitive environment.

As we know technology changes at a rapid pace and if Nokia wants to remain competitive they must continue to put fresh ideas into action.

Organisation structure of nokia company
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