One direction preferences you write a song about him being scared

I work too, but oh no! At this point, Harry was so angry, he went a little I guess we can tell them Harry. That night when you got home, Harry flipped his lid. Anyway, on with the preference Harry: You held his hands, which were firmly placed around you, and turned around to face him.

Harry though, thought you were flirting with the guy right in front of his face. You were pissed, and prepared to stick it to him. I keep a tight hold of her hand, knowing how she gets scared in huge groups like these.

I just got a little scared. As you were sitting at the bar quietly, you noticed some guy smiling at you. I love you, Mr.

One Direction Preferences

He just said the exact words that your father said to your mother during the one and only fight you witnessed. Niall knew about your parents divorce, and knew how hard it hit you as a child. She starts to run over to me but he regains himself and grabs her upper arm, yanking her back to him as she lets out a whimper.

I just lie there and look at her, embracing her beauty until her eyes flutter open. Most girls would be thankful, but you were horrified. Does she really think that? You were arguing about his smoking, yet again.

Louis then walked over to you and wrapped you in a hug. Niall on the other hand regretted every word. I was just thinking about. He snaked his arms around you and pulled you in for a hug, telling you how sorry he was over and over again.

The crashing sound made you flinch back in fear that you would be the next thing hit. It seemed like every little problem had to be cured with a smoke. Louis got up and kicked the guy in the stomach once more. Sorry his is so short! Your lips connected, and he knew that all was forgiven Liam: You were still amazed that this conversation was still going.

Your expression itself scared me. The two of you stood there for a while, just crying and apologizing over and over again. Exiting public places are always difficult, but this time seemed extremely hard. Full of anger, I start towards the two of them.

You had no idea that Louis had that kind of power. Got into a fight with management?Read Preference # He Does Something And You Get Scared from the story One Direction Preferences by FallenHasel (Kate) with 67, reads.

one, direction, pre Reviews: The Song you Write about Each Other. Sister of 5SOS, but He Likes You. One Direction Preferences I'm Scared. pulling his hands away from his face. His body shook, lightly but clearly, and you took him in your arms, he buried his face in the crook of your neck, not crying just panicking.

“I’m scared” he choked out. You sighed.

1D Preferences # You two write a song together Louis: He leans over the piano, resting his chin on his hands as he watches you scrawl down lyrics with interest. "Stop looking at me and play some tunes or something," you tease, bopping him on the nose with the back of your pen.

As he scolds he takes steps closer to you, and you let go of his forearms genuinely scared as you find him towering over you looking furious. You take a step backwards, desperate to just get away from him, but in your panic you don't register your position in the room and trip against the leg of the coffee table causing you to fall to the floor.

This blog is dedicated to one direction since we love them so much 3. There are two of us, and we write preferences, imagines, etc. but no smut or dirty imagines/ preferences.

There are two of us, and we write preferences, imagines, etc. but no smut or dirty imagines/ preferences. One Direction Preferences The Song you Write about Each Other. Jessie-Marie. In a way you wanted you to protect from the monster buried deep inside of you.

You were scared that if he got too close he would sucked into your darkness. You and Liam had become really good friends since you meet him at One Direction's album release .

One direction preferences you write a song about him being scared
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