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Section 8 1 of the Act construed in the light of Mr tanmoy bhunia aforesaid legal principle, leaves no room for doubt that that the holding, a share or portion of which is transferred, must be hold under joint ownership.

Synthesis, X-ray crystal structure, photoluminescence and catalytic study. Accordingly, the revisional application is hereby allowed on contest but without costs. Apart from that the Section 14 came into force with effect from 7th June, ChemCatChem, 6,S.

According to him, those three pre- conditions were that a portion or share of a plot of land was transferred, that there was a co-sharer of said land and that said transfer was made to a third party without first offering the sale to the co-sharer.

If a raiyat being sole owner of the entire plot of land sells out a well demarcated portion of the land to different purchasers through different kobalas then each purchaser becomes sole owner of the demarcated portion purchased by him and none of them becomes a co-sharer of the demarcated land sold out to other purchasers.

According to him, selling of demarcated portions of land cannot bypass said provisions of law as laid down in Section 14 of the Mr tanmoy bhunia of He submits that in the absence of any partition in between Gopal Chandra Mondal and Sankar Nath Mondal they continued to be co- sharers and that learned courts below failed to take note of the same.

It appears that learned lower court of appeal failed to take note the principles of applicability of the right of pre-emption under Section 8 when there was no co-sharer in the plot of land, in its true perspective.

Free for one month and pay only if you like it. It has already been established that pre-emptor Gopal Chandra Mondal was not a co-sharer of the land of Sankar Nath Mondal and that there was no co-sharer in the land of Sankar Nath Mondal which was purchased by him from common owner Akshay Kumar Mondal.

Said principle is squarely applicable in the present case also. One of the purchasers filed a partition suit claiming him to be a co-sharer of the lands so sold out by the common owner.

Ligand free copper-catalyzed heterogeneous O-arylation reaction under green condition. The main goal was to synthesize Metal-Organic Frameworks MOFs and use them in various catalytic reactions under heterogeneous condition.

Currently, his work is concentrated on synthesis of suitable MOFs and utilize them for hexane isomer separation using cyclic adsorption process. He also sold his remaining portions of demarcated lands to other purchasers namely Nepal Mondal and Bhopal Mondal.

Though said case law was relating to partition suit but it laid down quite clearly that if a common owner transfers specific portions out of the entire plot with defined areas and boundaries to different purchasers then those purchasers do not become co-sharers to each other even though respective proportionate share with reference to the entire jama was noted in their respective deeds.

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Gen, T. Labanya Bala Debi vs. Sub-section 4 of Section 5 of the Act of runs as follows: In support of his contention he has referred a case law reported in 77 CWN page Sm. It is thus palpable that if there is no co-sharer in the plot of land there is no question of issuing any notice under Section 5 4 as well as for exercising any right of pre-emption by anybody.

As such the concurrent findings of the courts below that pre-emptor Gopal Chandra Mondal was not a co-sharer of Sankar Nath Mondal do not call for any interference.

Section 5 deals with transferability of plot of land of a raiyat. Tanmoy Mukherjee For the Opposite Party: Tarun Kumar Gupta, J.

The order impugned is hereby set aside. Heterogeneous sequential N-arylation of N-heterocycles over copper anchored mesoporous silica catalyst. As a result, the order impugned is liable to be set aside. In he started his Ph. Suzuki cross-coupling reaction over Pd-Schiff-base anchored mesoporous silica catalyst.

Bhunia that even though there is no co-sharer of the holding the contiguous raiyat has the right of pre-emption in case of a transfer of a share or portion of the holding, is overruled. Now, the question is whether pre-emptor Gopal Chandra Mondal who has admittedly found to be an adjacent land owner of the suit land can claim pre-emption on account of transfer of a portion of land of Sankar Nath Mondal to pre-emptee being a third party purchaser through the impugned kobala dated 25th of August, It was answered in the negative with the following observations.

Gopal Chandra Ghosh, learned counsel appearing for the O. He further submits that in terms of Section 14 of said Act of a partition between the co- sharer can only be effected either by a registered instrument or by a decree or order of a court.

Urgent photostat certified copy of this judgment be supplied to the learned counsels of the parties, if applied for. Langmuir, 29,D. The admitted position of the case is that one Akshay Kumar Mondal was the absolute owner of the property measuring 33 decimals comprising Bastu and Pukur in Dag No.

Section 14 of the Act of lays down the mode of effecting a partition between the co-sharers. Alkaline earth metal-based metal—organic framework: He also held that Gopal Chandra Mondal was not also entitled to claim pre-emption on the ground of vicinage.Jul 16,  · This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. Mr. Tanmoy Mukherjee serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Cerana Beverages Private Limited. Mr. Mukherjee serves as Managing Director of Research and Strategy at Axonic Capital LLC. PHYSIOCON XXVIIIth Annual Conference of the Physiological Society of India.

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This piece reminds me that books are just adventures waiting to be explored. This image reminds me of a fairly tale land. Mr. Gopal Chandra Ghosh, learned counsel appearing for the O. P. pre-emptor, submits that admittedly Akshay Kumar Mondal was the original owner of the entire 33 decimals of land in two plots of land i.e., and

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