Lousebuster business plan

Some patients were treated by operators who underwent a two-hour training session, but had not yet used the LouseBuster to treat anyone.

Lice business makes a killing

There had to be a better way. Even when the shampoos work, they kill only hatched lice, not nits. Yolanda Holmes, a Washington D.

Steinberg and Barrack see no obstacle to continued growth, other than getting customers to spread the word about them.

In a tight-knit office of 60 employees, everyone has to get along. The LouseBuster blows air at about degrees Fahrenheit — cooler than common blow dryers.

There seemed to be a new outbreak each week at area schools, they said. She made it in her dining room starting in fall It may also lousebuster business plan necessary to call you to discuss your appointment or treatment, but we will ensure descretion should a call be necessary.

How private is this service?

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The enzymes are non-toxic to humans, but cause lice exoskeletons to dissolve. A disposable applicator tip on the FDA-approved LouseBuster device directs heated air against the hair roots, essentially killing off lice and nits during a minute treatment.

Every nit must be removed. However crew cuts are a fast and easy way to remove excessive nits and shells. Young said that part of her satisfaction comes from helping the region get better control over something that is extremely disruptive to schools.

As a result, louse infestations are on the rise. Not to mention a heavy contributor to absenteeism. Tests were conducted in Florida and Tennessee, which have humid climates, and Utah, which has a dry climate. Lets face it, it is difficult for some of us to sit still for more than and hour.

They guide you, and they hold your hand," she said about the Count Me In Initiative. The LouseBuster is a nonchemical treatment that is safe, easy and effective. It was patented in September Which is the whole reason head lice are so dreaded. Just mentioning lice has that effect on people.

The new study of 56 louse-infested children and adults — soon to be published in the January issue of the Journal of Medical Entomology — found It is proven that the length of hair has no impact on lice-control, so it is not necessary to cut your hair.

A minute comb-out after treatment removes dead lice and nits.

The LouseBuster Returns

Also, many parents are reluctant to use chemical treatments on their children. Then, the whole head was treated with the LouseBuster.

Diane Mastrull: 2 parents go into business, picking nits for pay

They came over with this big, almost Ghostbusters-type of machine, and they took care of it. After the first study, thousands of people with louse-infested children contacted Clayton and the University of Utah seeking the device, even though it was only a research prototype and was meant for eventual use by school nurses and other delousing professionals, not private individuals.

Any eggs that might have been missed by combing or other methods did not hatch because the LouseBuster treatment killed them. At that point, she vowed to take Licenders to the next level. Faster, Gentler and Better Than Other Methods The most widely used delousing products are shampoos and other chemical treatments toxic to lice.

So Horowitz started Licenders, a professional lice-removal company, which is well, making a killing.slightly cooler than a standard blow-dryer, the LouseBuster was the most effective method in killing lice and its eggs. Blowing away lice Virginian Pilot, VA - Nov 8, (Virginian Pilot) aggravating pests.

during normal business hours, each LouseBuster™ device in your possession, any Products in your possession and all or any portion of your records with regard to (i) the use of the LouseBuster™ or other Products, and (ii) your compliance with this Agreement.

(b) upon request, to submit to Larada or its duly authorized representative a. Feb 23,  · The plan for this company is that its patent provides business operators with a proprietary solution for years to come. The LouseBuster is an innovation from Larada Sciences (Photo courtesy of.

The AirAllé Device

Four years after the LouseBuster prototype made headlines when research showed the chemical-free, warm-air device wiped out head lice on children, a new study reveals that a revamped, government. Diane Mastrull has been at the Inquirer sincecovering Atlantic City, suburban development trends, commercial development, and, for the last six years, small business.

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Lousebuster business plan
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