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Thus the town gets redeemed by means of players and faith kept by the principal over Dale. He clearly says that the movie is not only about the sports but also about the people.

Soon after the incident the junior met with very serious difficulties both in his personal and professional life. At this point two powerful and important acts of grace are induced over Norman Dale. Proposals and acceptance made the players and people around the team contributes to the theme of the movie.

The New York tribune says that the film is all about personal redemption Hoosiers essay paper the coach. Journal of Religion and Popular Culture Vol.

The next major character was Myra Fleener, a fellow school teacher that looked after Hoosiers essay paper and did not treat Norm very well at first. The third major character in the movie was Shooter, a drunk father to one of the players. XIV Fall Avilable: The most important fact of the movie is that it is based on the true story of Milan, a rural high school with students winning the tournament against un urban school with students in Indiana.

Due to the redemption of the people in the town Dale is also redeemed of his mysterious past. Together they played one common role to learn to change their attitude and grow with the coach.

The concept of the movie comes into our real life when the famous philosopher Kenneth Burke says that people try to locate order in their lifestyle but when the order goes away from its correct course, people try to locate redemption by the process of victimization.

He was either running away from something or had no where else to go. From there the team started to gel and both the players and the community started to believe in the coach. It is seen that the explanations of redemption has come over the rhetorical interpretations and also believes that the mistakes and crimes needs apologies.

Therefore Dale is asked to stay in the team. This may be treated as redemption by grace due to the corrective action of the person involved. Pizzo, the creator of the movie wanted to do a movie with a life message rather than on sport genre. The acting of Gene Hackman is definitely an Oscar winning performance.

Therefore Hoosiers gives hope to those who are not perfect and also to those who are not honored for doing good. The team goes on to make the playoffs and eventually win states and be the Cinderella story, a small town school goes up against the big boys to win the Indiana state basketball championship, a David vs.

One is hiding his past and the other is the unexpected entry of Jimmy Chitwood to the meeting where he wishes to enter the team under the condition that the coach stays with the school team. Myra was very cold to Coach Dale, the new basketball coach, when he first arrived.

Jimmy decided not to play after the coach died, and without him the team would struggle to have a successful season.

Hoosiers (1986) - Reflection Essay

According to Burke, the utmost function of rhetoric is its ability to locate or reproduce redemption or rebirth. I saw Hoosiers a few times growing up and enjoyed it every time. The story is all about a coach with a mysterious past. She eventually respects him and believes in the coach and they form a relationship.HOOSIERS A film review Hoosiers is a film about second chances.

Redemption is given to a short tempered coach, who was issued a lifetime suspension by the NCAA for physically assaulting a player, and a former star player- turned town drunk. Essays & Papers Hoosiers () – Reflection Essay - Paper Example.

Hoosiers () - Reflection Essay. Hoosiers () – Reflection.

Hoosiers, Film Analysis

Hoosiers () is a movie based on redemption. The popularity of the movie continues in terms of rhetorical assessment. Free Essay: Hoosiers Film Analysis Why I selected Hoosiers Let me first begin by saying I am a huge sports fan.

I played almost every sport growing up and. Related Documents: Essay on Hoosiers a Film Review Essay Film Review Film Review HST Essay.

the film Hoosiers from week 13 of class. After reviewing the film I will compare it with chapter 13 of Major Problems. In this paper I will discuss the historical period Hoosiers is set in, compare and contrast major themes from the.

Hoosiers Analysis of the psychological tools utilized by the main character, Head Coach Norman Dale in the movie.

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Hoosiers essay paper
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