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Load shedding is growing with expanding cities and overambitious transmissions. As Pakistan faces several problems, the problem of load shedding too should be given top priority by the government officials.

The business centres, hotels, roads and streets are lite up during night hours. The new housing colonies also need it for domestic use. With the passage of time, this crisis is growing serious in terms of both generation and distribution of power.

Look Essay on loadsheding the economic condition of the poor masses Necessary food items are out of their reach. No master-plan has ever been launched to meet the needs of the growing population.

The insufficient production of electricity in our country is the main cause of load shedding. The use of electricity increases in summer. Peak load Essay on loadsheding hours are early evenings and mornings when most bulbs are lit and most home appliances are in use.

Eskom- Load Shedding

More electricity is needed to accommodate them, which is not possible at the present moment. The population of our country is growing at a very rapid rate. These power plants should be expanded and upgraded.

Short Simple Essay on Load Shedding in English for FSc Students

As a result their business falls or the price increases. There is another hurdle. Nights sinks in complete darkness with no bulb illuminating. The measures to save energy have badly failed. The excessive use of generotors is causing atmospheric pollution as well as noise pollution.

We suffer from the shortage of electricity due to the following reasons also: If these measures should be taken we can overcome this issue. Alternative Load Shedding Paragraph: Such a thing is not possible if we have sufficient supply of power.

It has become a regular affair in our country. It is the 21st century and there is no electricity in Pakistan! Offices, markets,marriage hall,colleges must be closed till 8pm. We will get cheaper electricity and at the same time we will have water reserves for our agricultural needs.

In this way, we can save a lot of energy. Instead of this system, we should have small power plants at the local level. Unfortunately, we have wrongly politicized a national issue.

Once again it is the common man who is the sufferer. The western countries utilise nuclear Energy as a major source of energy. If we take such measures right now, we will be able to save our nation from total disaster.

Line losses are also getting out of control. All markets plazas,hospitals cinemas,offices,college universities,factory,mills and industry depend on it. Factory productions fall and markets shrink.

Even we have big resources of coal and gas as well but still not producing the thermal energy for the sake of electricity production. So that govt is unable to set up the new plant due to inadequacy of finance.

Even the sale of candles goes up. Schools and Colleges are without lights and fans. Besides, due to load shedding foods kept in the refrigeration get rotten, the commodities preserved in the cold storage get spoil.

The electricity supplied by thermal stations is not affordable for the consumers. They are not worth the cost.Eskom- Load Shedding Essays: OverEskom- Load Shedding Essays, Eskom- Load Shedding Term Papers, Eskom- Load Shedding Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Peak load shedding hours are early evenings and mornings when most bulbs are lit and most home appliances are in use.

Power is a very important daily need of modern life. Without it, life cannot run normally. Essay On Load Shedding in Pakistan Problem and Solutions, There are plenty of resources for Essay On Load shedding by using proper means you can easily proper Load shedding Essay and also Paragraph On Load shedding.

Load shedding has much more benefits which cannot be presented on the fore and can not be considered as a benefit because on whole the load shedding is considered to be the worst process people had to pass through.

Load shedding in Pakistan Let us discus the main causes of load shedding. Firstly,water level n lakes of the dams likes Mangala, Tarbela Warsak, Rasule, Malakund,etc,is at times very low, as a result, the generation of power suffers a great deal.

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