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You may obtain quotes, make down payments and policy payments, make policy changes and request documents online or via telephone.

There is no insurance agent working for you, loyal to you and only you, in your relationship with a Direct Writer. Unless you prefer limited choices and foresee little change in your needs, an independent insurance agent is your best bet. Because he or she works with many different companies, your agent is a one-stop shopping center!

First, you need to know the difference in order to choose Direct Writer and Independent Agent. After selling abstract art online for five years, Pearson published a nonfiction book detailing the process of building a successful online art business.

Evaluating a Direct Writer If you choose to purchase insurance through a direct writer, there are strategies you can use to determine if a direct writer will treat you fairly and adequately cover claims.

In some cases, insurance purchased through a direct writer may be less expensive than through a local agent, because direct writers do not incur the expenses involved with maintaining agencies.

Unlike independent agents who represent multiple companies, the direct writer can only place your business within their own company.

Although the agent-based model is still widely used in insurance, direct writing is an alternative to purchasing certain types of insurance through a local agent.

A direct writer refers to an insurance company that only issues insurance policies written and serviced by their employees or contracted sub-contractors. Choosing an insurance plan right for your needs is hard work. An independent agent provides many options.

What Is Direct Writing in Insurance?

Bad things about Direct Writers: As an independent agency, we at Andrew G. Why use an Independent agent? Their employees or contracted sub-contractors the only ones who write and service your policy.

Direct Writer

Make it easier by finding the right kind of agent for you. Most direct writing insurance companies have excellent in-house training programs for their employees. A direct writer issues policies for only one company.

Independent Agents Direct writers were more common than independent agents until the s, when the insurance business began to change.

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You are a person instead of a number. Benefits of independent agents You can develop a valuable relationship with your direct writing companies insurance agent and knowing your needs and unique circumstances is important in the insurance relationship.

Insurance companies laid off thousands of their own agents, and independent agents, who are essentially freelancers, became more common. Advantages The primary advantage of working with a direct writer is that you can obtain insurance quickly, without having to leave your home.

While there are many arguments in favor of a consumer choosing an independent agent over a direct writer when buying insurance, there are scrupulous and unscrupulous professionals among both direct writers and independent agents, so selecting one over the other when purchasing insurance is not automatically a good or bad choice.

However, if these clients purchase all their insurance policies from the same direct writer, they could end up receiving a worthwhile multiline discount.

The direct writer works for the insurance company and will remain loyal to them at the time of claim. Direct writers sell all types of insurance policies, ranging from homeowners insurance to health insurance to personal liability umbrellas.

They work for only one company and represent only that company.Direct writing companies sell their policies through company employees who are compensated by salary or a combination of salary plus commission.

The representatives do not own the policy expirations, so they do not have the choice of moving a policy to another company when the policy renews. Therefore, the insurer owns all of the business written.


Oct 01,  · A direct writer is a captive agent because he/she can only offer you one company. The independent agent offers you multiple plans from multiple companies. Because he or she can work with different companies, your independent agent can secure multiple pricing and coverage mi-centre.comon: 16 Village St, Dudley,MA.

A direct writer is an insurance company that doesn’t have independent representatives to write their business. Their employees or contracted sub-contractors the only ones who write and service your policy. Direct-writing company definition is - an insurance company with which a policyholder directly insures property —called also originating company—distinguished from reinsurance company.

Direct writers usually denote insurance companies that do not have independent representatives selling (or writing) their insurance policies. When policyholders need to file a claim or require any service, they contact these insurance companies directly.

Thereafter. A direct writer is an insurance agent or insurance company that only issues insurance policies from a single insurance company. A direct writer, also called a captive agent, represents a single company and does not shop around at several companies to find a client the best policy for the best price.

Direct writing companies
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