Counselling report on depression

His father is a builder whilst his mother is a housewife. This was in respect to his feelings about the accident and his distress that his friend had been killed.

He uncharacteristically went at forty miles per hour all the way and by the time he arrived at his destination he felt sick, dizzy and was shaking.

In addition, he Counselling report on depression other interest such as riding a bicycle, fishing and golf. They have improved in frequency over time although continue to occur on a once a month basis. Mei Ling is he eldest of four children. However, he has been with his current partner for two years and he described the relationship as very good and said that they are close.

At the age of nine years old, her parents divorced. Counsellor must respect Mei Lings problems. There were no references to any associated psychological symptoms. When the counsellor perceives what the world is like Counselling report on depression Mei Lings point of view, it demonstrates not only that that view has value, but also that Mei Ling is being accepted.

Relationship probs with gf. She felt lonely in new home. These were so frequent initially that he was fearful to close his eyes or go to sleep. Mr Jones described feeling very low and irritable during the first few months after the accident.

She has two sons whom aged eleven and eight years old. He felt a mixture of feelings of anger toward the driver but also horror at what he had seen. Flashbacks, nightmares, more aggressive and been involved in fights. Initially, his sleep was greatly disturbed on account of both intrusive thoughts and imagery of the accident and also through recurrent dreams.

His partner, who attended part of the interview, noted some changes in Mr Jones. She stopped going for most social activities. Consequently, he has endeavoured to avoid thoughts or feelings of the accident.

She has a sister and twin brothers.

How to Write a Counseling Report

Mei Ling must know that the counsellor is attempting to get into her internal frame of reference by thinking, feeling, and exploring with her. He was less interested in sex and was not as close emotionally. He has also been more detached from his family and, whereas in the past he would join them watching television in the evening, he now spends more time alone in his bedroom.

I wanted to get away from it all. Mei Ling is free to explore all thoughts and feelings, positive or negative, without danger of rejection or condemnation. He did not describe any psychiatric history in either himself or his family. She finds difficult to motivate herself to go to work.

He went to hospital where no bony injuries were noted but he was advised him to rest. He is much more aware now of what could happen and constantly looks out for vehicles, particularly when approaching corners, for fear of a similar accident occurring.

This would occur frequently during the first few months after, particularly at night time when trying to go to sleep. Initially, during the first few months, Mr Jones described marked diminished interest in his previous activities. Lately she begun to fear that Steven is having an affair and will leave her.

But her medical examination result found no physical cause. This has improved to some extent over time. Again during the interview he was tearful describing this emotion. Mr Jones recalled that as they negotiated a corner they were suddenly confronted with a vehicle spinning out of control in front of them.

However, he was desperate to get on with his normal life at the earliest possibility and did not like being at home on his own. He is also exceedingly wary of motorbikes in general. His partner was called to the scene and he returned home with her, feeling numb and confused, not wanting to talk about the accident.This is a fictitious case.

All names used in the document are fictitious Recipient Information Provider Information Name: Jill Spratt Name: Thumb Psychological Assoc. about any feeling she has this week and bringing it to her to the next individual therapy session.

Counselling Report on Depression

Free Essay: Specialist Diploma In Counselling Psychology Case Study Mei Ling Conceptualise the individual and presenting problem Mei Ling is a thirty-three.

Specialist Diploma In Counselling Psychology Case Study Mei Ling Conceptualise the individual and presenting problem Mei Ling is a thirty-three years old who.

Counseling reports are used by a variety of professionals, from mental health counselors to workplace supervisors and academic advisors.

Whatever the situation, the counseling report serves as a record of the meeting and gives the counselor and the person being. Counselling Report on Depression. Topics: Psychotherapy, Therapy, Rational emotive behavior therapy Pages: 9 ( words) Published: September 27, Specialist Diploma In Counselling Psychology Case Study Mei Ling Conceptualise the individual and presenting problem Mei Ling is a thirty-three years old who works as a nurse in a busy.

Depression is the most common cause of disability in the United States.

The Truth About Treating Depression

One in 10 adults report experiencing it. Most people have their first bout of depression in their late teens or early twenties.

Counselling report on depression
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