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After the Civil War a doctor ordered her to go to Europe to take a break and while there learned about the Red Cross. At the age of Clara barton essay Clara became a teacher and six years later she founded her own school for mill workers children. By the time she was four it was easy for her to spell complicated words Faust.

During his presidency he focused mainly on the success of winning the war. Abraham Lincoln is most like Huckleberry Clara barton essay Twain. So far twelve countries had agreed to sign the treaties to start the Red Cross but the U.

The United States first national cemetery marks the graves of more than 13, of these unknown Union Soldiers Faust. She eventually saw some of the worst during the sieges of Petersburg and Richmond but gave aid to those of both North and the South.

Started a bureau to find missing soldiers b. On the other hand, many also criticized him for not abolishing it soon enough. Clara can be related to Hester because she is a strong women. Promised to rally back in the U. When the war was coming to and end he had an average opinion of Reconstruction and wanted to hurriedly bring the country through with a policy of substantial reconciliation Norton.

She is a strong woman but was very shy and somewhat outcast for being such a tom- boy. She began an agency to get supplies to the wounded and in got permission to travel behind the lines Faust.

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Those who opposed the war such as Copperheads, disapproved Lincoln for declining to cooperate on the compromise slavery. Lincoln did whatever it took to help his country through the good and the bad.

One of these officials was Ulysses S. Born in Kentucky Febuary 12th, a. Found info for more than 30, missing soldiers 5. Resolved Trent Affair c. Before he had become the president he had been a lawyer in Illinois and a member of the United States House of Representatives Abraham Lincoln.

Without these two prime figures of patriotism and strength our country would be far less then it is today. His father then married Sarah Bush Johnston. She was much like Huck Finn off to search for a missing Jim for she never knew where they would be.

Clara Barton can be related to Hester from the Scarlet letter Hawthorne. Even with having so many obstacles he developed his famous speech; his Gettysburg address.

After feeling the need to be educated more she enrolled at the Liberal institute in Clinton, New York for language and writing. By doing so she increased the comfort for those wounded and the odds of surviving were becoming greater.

She was much like Huck Finn looking for Jim. Became teacher at seventeen b. With all else going on he managed to organize his reelection in The school board did not hire her as the head but instead hired a man. When he was seven his family moved to Perry County, Indiana, and two years later his mother died of tremolo; bad milk Lincoln Information.

Was a lawyer in Illinois. Lincoln controlled the groups of the Republican Party good-naturedly and would influence disagreeing bureaucrats to cooperate. Under her leadership participation and attendance grew significantly Faust.

One of top rated Presidents III. Initiated new ideas 2.- Clarissa (Clara) Harlowe Barton born on December 25,in North Oxford, Massachusetts, was the youngest of Stephen and Sarah Stone Barton’s five children.

Clara's father, Captain Stephen Barton (), was a successful businessman, captain of the local army and a government official in Oxford, Massachusetts. Essay about Clara Barton Words | 3 Pages.

Clara Barton: Nurse, Teacher And Founder Of The American Red Cross

Clara Barton Clara Harlowe Barton was born on Christmas day, in Oxford Massachusetts. She was the youngest of her 4 siblings by at the least 10 years of age.

Growing up in a middle class family, Clara was home schooled until the age of 15, then she became the teacher. Spanish American War Essay Clara Barton: Her Opinion on the Spanish American War Clara Barton October 1st, Glen Elcho, Maryland Dear Teddy Roosevelt, I would like to congratulate and acknowledge you for you becoming President of.

Clara Barton and the American Red Cross Essay Clara Barton Clara Harlow Barton was born on December 25, in Oxford, Massachusetts.

She was the youngest of. Research Paper- Clara Barton Clara Barton was born in Massachusetts during As a student, she learned many different subjects, and worked hard to receive an adequate education. As a student, she learned many different subjects, and worked hard to receive an adequate education.

(Barton, ) Always independent and determined, the initial resistence only served to motivate Clara. Her determination quickly became apparent to the Army, government and private donors. Supplies began to flow in from all parts of the country.

Clara barton essay
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