Aqa critical anthology coursework

The essay for this section is suggested to be around words and need not be based on more than a single poem. Having read the critical material on whether it is possible to define the aesthetic nature of literature, explore and evaluate the aesthetic qualities of a poem of your choice.

The sample assessment material from the AQA web site will be used to allow students to begin to apply the mark scheme and assessment foci for themselves.

Charge of the Light Brigade: Idea of Burns as our equal or as our teacher — explore background, idea of non-centralised education and education for all 3. The question agreed between the student and teacher should focus on the application and interpretation of the critical anthology and the text chosen for study.

Ideally the choice of pairing should be up to the students themselves, but there are obvious links here: The idea is to try to inspire studetns to explore and develop confidence in their own critical faculties. The extended abstract might be the development of the final essay question.

AQA Literature B Coursework advice

Ease of assimilation for all, even illiterate and ill-educated 4. These poems can be used individually or as pairs, the better to provide clear debate within the essay. Based on your reading of the critical material, write an argument for the inclusion or exclusion of an author of your choice into the A Level Literature canon of texts.

Finally, as Extended Abstract, these ideas might be used to explore a question along the lines of: Leading to preparation of a coursework essay in two drafts, students will work in pairs on pairs of poems with a view to engaging with analysis of the poems in a neutral critical manner.

What potential significances can be found when studying the use of metaphors in text y? Using the SOLO taxonomy approach, students should move from a multistructural stage to a relational stage swiftly.

Use of 2nd person address Link to anthology in AQA secure key materials — you will need a log in for this which should be provided by the exams officer to teachers of this course: Acknowledges need to wait… The Assessment Objectives AO1 Articulate creative, informed and relevant responses to literary texts, using appropriate terminology and concepts, and coherent, accurate written expression AO2 Demonstrate detailed critical understanding in analysing the ways in which structure, form and language shape meanings in literary texts AO3 Explore connections and comparisons between different literary texts, informed by interpretations of other readers AO4 Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and received Quality of Written Communication QWC In GCE specifications which require candidates to roduce written material in English, candidates must:Each text must be linked to a different section of the AQA critical anthology One response must be conventional; the second can be re-creative and will be accompanied by a commentary.

It is possible to submit two conventional responses. The Ilfracombe Academy English Department A2 English Literature A short guide to the AQA Z course.

You will study a minimum of 3 texts (including one pre-released anthology of critical material) for coursework. What examinations will I have to take and how much coursework will I have to write?

a pre-released anthology of critical writing applied to a piece of literature. The pack of critical material is designed for specific use with coursework Unit 4, but will have wider application across the whole of A2 study of English Literature.

Jan 26,  · AQA Lit B Critical Anthology Coursework. Discussion in 'English' started by millicent_bystander, Jan 23, ENGLISH LITERATURE (SPECIFICATION B) LITB4/PM Unit 4 Further and Independent Reading Critical Anthology l To be issued to candidates from September for use with coursework Unit 4 in and beyond.

H//LITB4/PM LITB4/PM. 2 H//LITB4/PM CRITICAL ANTHOLOGY FOR UNIT 4 COURSEWORK. eco-critical theory; post-colonial theory; literary value and the canon.

AQA Lit B Critical Anthology Coursework

In this component, students write about two different literary texts. One of the texts must be a poetry text and the other must be prose.

AQA Lit B4: an idea for approaching the critical anthology, Marxist element.

Each text must be linked to a different section of the Critical anthology.

Aqa critical anthology coursework
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