Acc 307

Interface between accountants and Acc 307 specialists. GAAP and IFRS, and their application to liabilities, equity, and special topics including income taxes, leases, pensions, share-based compensation, EPS, accounting changes, error corrections, and cash flows statement.

Course emphasizes written and oral communication skills and tax research. Provides students with an introduction to procedural steps of dealing with the IRS.

ACC Internal Auditing 3 Objectives, principles and methods of internal and operational auditing with special emphasis on examination and appraisal of internal controls in operations and reporting systems; problems of communication, delegation of authority or organization.

Professional codes of ethics in accounting. ACC Forensic Accounting 3 Study of forensic accounting, a discipline that focuses on the procedures and techniques used in the prevention, investigation, and detection of occupational and financial statement fraud.

ACC Financial Accounting for Decision Making 3 Introduction to financial accounting and accounting information systems AISincluding basic concepts, limitations, tools and methods. ACC Managerial Accounting for Decision Making 3 Introduction to managerial accounting and accounting information systems AISincluding basic concepts, limitations, tools and methods.

Use of AIS generated information, including financial statements in decision-making by investors, creditors, and other users external to the organization. ACC Accounting Information Systems 3 Role, design, implementation, and management of the accounting information system as a subset of the management information system.

Total credit limited to 6 units, with a maximum of 2 sections per semester. Frameworks for ethical decision-making.

Units of college credit granted are dependent on departmental approval. Course emphasizes development of written and oral communication skills, tax research and tax return preparation. Study of social, ethical, legal, and political considerations that surround fraud. ACC Senior Project I Familiarization with sources of data and academic literature for research-oriented projects: Experiences may be useful as a basis for senior projects.

Use of AIS generated information to support the internal decision-making functions of an organization. ACC Advanced Auditing 3 Application of auditing procedures and techniques; working paper development and preparation; use of computer auditing tools; extensive case analysis. Current and classic ethics cases.

ACC Special Study for Upper-Division Students Individual or group investigation, research, studies, or surveys of selected problems at advanced level.Question 5.

value: points MODULE 3: HOMEWORK CH4 instructions | help The Diversified Portfolio Corporation provides investment advice to customers. A. ACC Final Exam Part 1. This final exam consist of 15 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapters 9 through There are five questions from each chapter.

STRAYER | ACC – Federal Taxation Course Description Provides a comprehensive study of the types of taxes imposed by. Intermediate Accounting I (ACC) Review introductory concepts including the accounting cycle, journal and adjusting entries. Learn to address more intricate accounting scenarios such as recording more complex financial statement elements.

Apply theoretical frameworks and various accounting standards and regulations to the proper. Another $ billion, or % of total spending, went for Read more about ACC Week 7 Assignment 1: Should the U.S.

Convert to a Zero Personal Income Tax? Posted in ACCQuestions Posts navigation. Track Air Canada (AC) # flight from Montreal-Trudeau to Vancouver Int'l.

Acc 307
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