A look into upscale steak house restaurants

Wood elements were used In this steak house, the main idea was to interpret how steaks are prepared and cooked the traditional way through the design. However, gentleman must wear a shirt at all times and ladies must wear a modest cover-up.

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Eating at Peter Luger really is a unique only-in-New-York experience, and its storied dining room and classic bar in the heart of Williamsburg A look into upscale steak house restaurants be experienced even by those who never leave Manhattan.

Fashion-forward Francophiles will burst their pocketbooks over the selections at Jumelle and Noisette. Restaurant Dress Code Number 13 encourages a business casual dress code. Contact us for more information.

As Manhattan has become increasingly upscale and overwhelmingly expensive, the New York intelligentsia and creative underclassmen have increasing looked to make Brooklyn their home.

A contemporary and sleek feel was achieved by using components such as sleek granite top tables, stylish black chairs, wooden-slat ceiling, and tranquil lighting from low-hanging pendant lamps. The LED lights are installed inside the resin light box shelves and under the bar counter producing an ultimately eye catching view.

For a bit of local music and a more neighborhood-appropriate atmosphere, the swank Union Pool offers live music and a bar but no swimming whatsoever. At The Levee, you can supplement your drinks with great bar food and a game of pool, but at Barcade, the gaming is digital and as well-stocked as the beer selection.

Clients waiting to be seated can stay here while watching TV for entertainment. These elements play a subtle but important role in creating an ambiance that subconsciously makes the food taste better and more savory.

No sweat in trendy Williamsburg! A faux brick wall is reminiscent of old brick ovens used in slow-cooking meat. Now a haven for starving artists and hipsters, the neighborhood has redefined and rebranded itself into one of the hotspots of Brooklyn, with bars, live music, and restaurants spawning in direct proportion to the increase in the now well-established sense of Williamsburg community.

Use the arrow buttons to navigate down the street and around the neighborhood!

Houston's Top Steakhouses

Swimwear apparel is allowed. Our talented team of culinary artisans pay careful attention to the ingredients we use in every dish, ensuring that they are the best quality around. Metal elements are also prominent in the overall design to relate to the idea of using iron grills when barbecuing.

All clothing must be dry. A pop of color is incorporated into the design by using a long, bright red sofa on the lounge area. However, because we support the island lifestyle, short sleeves and shorts are allowed.

This mirror wall is accented with irregularly shaped wood to give it a modern feel.

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The neighborhood that has—arguably—taken the brunt of the exodus from Manhattan is the northern area of Williamsburg. Footwear is required for safety purposes and restrooms are available outside of the restaurant if necessary.

White faux brick panel alternates with reclaimed wood framed in metal on the right wall. Wood elements were used on the bar area and on the wall to associate with the wood logs used in grilling steaks.

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After all, its convenient location as the first stop right off the Williamsburg Bridge makes it an easy taxi ride, and valet parking is available for those driving. Terrace Dress Code On the Terrace, a casual dress code is encouraged. The bar area uses a lot of wood and metal elements which serves as a perfect backdrop for the LED light boxes that make up the wine display.

The Alligator Lounge is another neighborhood favorite and serves free personal pizzas from its wood-burning oven every night until 3: Finally, enjoy a local nightcap—which generally means a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon—at one of the classic neighborhood bars.

Gift Cards Gift Cards are available in the restaurant during our restaurant hours. Located in beautiful Pelican Rest Marina, Number 13 boasts sweeping views of the water.The restaurant specials run Aug. Sept. 3. More than restaurants offer $39 or $49 fine-dining dinner specials.

From $8-$10 of each check is donated to either Lena Pope Home or a Dallas-area. The Best Steakhouses in Las Vegas. The most upscale restaurant at the SLS resort is the latest offering from Spanish chef José Andrés, THE Steak House.

Ruth's Chris Steak House in Alpharetta, Georgia, is proud to be one of the top fine dining restaurants in the area, where family and friends gather to enjoy our signature entrees and hand-crafted cocktails.

Home Projects Trendy Steak House Interior Design. Trendy Steak House Interior Design (1 votes, Stars) Black-stained mirrors have been installed on the left wall to make the space look bigger. This mirror wall is accented with irregularly shaped wood to give it a modern feel.

A pop of color is incorporated into the design by using a. London's best steak restaurants We did some digging into the capital's steak joints (tough job) to make sure you'll never sit through a sub-standard chop again By GQ. Best Steakhouses in America for New England's finest seafood, and is complemented by an award-winning wine list.

We look forward to having you experience one of Newport’s best. More. Chophouse - St. Louis upscale steak house presents fine dining in an atmosphere of timeless elegance, offering guests the finest .

A look into upscale steak house restaurants
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