A description of the cal poly insect fair

Cal-Poly Insect Fair, Pomona, CA, Oct. 18 &19

Corn Maze A crazy web of twisting, turning trails that will leave you scratching your head searching for the way out. The fair will display their essays on whether insects are a viable food source.

Cal-Poly Insect Fair, Oct 7th & 8th, Pomona, CA

There will be live music, fun contests and story-telling all day long with special surprises for the kids. Huntley College of Agriculture Student Clubs to raise funds for their projects. Decades later the clubs are still providing fun game booths and activities including a Petting Farm filled with the cutest animals, Pony Rides and lots more!

The fair has long been popular among collectors, who come to purchase live and preserved insects, jewelry designed to look like insects, display cases, framed insect specimens, and other supplies. Fair goers can visit these collectors, see their pinned and live insect specimens, talk with them about their field experiences and life-long insect collection.

Agriculture related exhibits and displays include: For more information about the Insect Fair, visit https: A separate admission fee is required to enter the Pumpkin Festival.

Oct 2, 2: October 9th — 31st Fees apply for other activities Hours: A separate admission fee is required. Fourth-grade students at Clara Barton Elementary School in the Corona-Norco Unified School District spent the last few weeks studying insects as a potential human food source.

For the safety of all animals, dogs are not permitted on the premises with the exception of service dogs. The annual Cal Poly Pomona Insect Fair aims to show people biological diversity and important contributions insects make to society. Check back for contest schedule and registration. Your purchases support our future Ag Leaders.

Festival tickets can be purchased at http: This year the fair will expand to include an educational focus. Children under 2 can enter free. For more information visit: Insects can even help prevent other insect pests from spreading crop plant diseases.

Clara Barton Elementary Student Essays Featured at Cal-Poly Pomona Insect Fair

Click here to Purchase Pumpkins in Bulk! Keep an eye out for our local wildlife, rabbits and squirels, and learn about the new Apiary class at Cal Poly Pomona. Come see thousands of live and preserved California and exotic insects from around the world.The Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival is just a month away, but don't forget to buy your tickets online in advance!

They are $4 for adults and $3 for children 2 to Ticket prices at the gate on Oct. 6 and 7 will be $5 for adults and $4 for children.4/4(). Learn how insects impact our lives and how you can make a career as an insect expert.

Some of the insects on display include: Vibrant moths and butterflies from around the. – Eastvale – Fourth grade students in Mrs. Garcia’s and Mrs.


Colburn’s classes at Clara Barton Elementary had their essays, “Would You Eat Bugs?,” featured at the Cal Poly Pomona Insect Fair on October 7th and 8th.

Students studied multiple perspectives, watched TedTalk videos, and even tried crickets before writing their essays. A man lets a tarantula sit on his hat at the Cal Poly Pomona Insect Fair.

Published Date: Oct 2, PM From butterflies to cockroaches and spiders, insects and their relatives have interacted with humankind for generations. Insect Fair The Popular Insect Fair will be part of the Pumpkin Festival again this year in the AGRIscapes Visitor Center.

Come see thousands of live and preserved California and exotic insects from around the world. Nearlylive and preserved insects will be on display at the university’s annual Insect Fair on Saturday and Sunday, Oct.

19 & For more than 25 years, thousands of visitors and collectors have.

A description of the cal poly insect fair
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